Random Facts About Kia

1. Chiyoko (千瑶子) is not my real middle name. It was my Japanese nickname in high school, which my sensei personally crafted for me. It literally translates to “a child as beautiful as a thousand jewels.” I later adopted it as my middle name because there are too many Kia Vang’s out there. 😛

2. I am double jointed. My arms and legs can bend in ways that can be horrific to look at. Probably wouldn’t be a great idea to trust me with your loved ones at a game of “trust falls.” 😛

mount_taishan3. I successfully climbed to the top of China’s most sacred mountain called Mount Taishan located in Tai’an, China (Photo on the right). It’s approximately 5,000ft above sea level with 7,000 stone steps. I’d say this was more challenging, yet fulfilling of a climb than the Great Wall of China. While in China, I also visited the city of Qufu where the famous philosopher Confucius was born.

4. While in Cairo, Egypt, I climbed inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and reached the King’s chamber. That same day, I rode on a camel in the Sahara Desert.

5. Skinny dipped with a few peers at the Red Sea, (Hurghada, Egypt). Pretty silly act, but I had to do it!

6. I am multilingual. I can read, write, speak Hmong, English, and Japanese. I self-taught myself Korean when I was a teenager (I can read and write, but still working on comprehension and speech). Right now, I am teaching myself Thai.

7. I’m a pretty heavy (deep) sleeper. My mom used to joke with me saying one day I will wake up and find every belonging of mine disappear due to my inability to detect culprits while unconscious. LOL, I hope to never witness that day.

8. I enjoy reading poetry, time traveling novels, and inspirational books. The latest poetry book I finished is by Lang Leav. Highly recommend all her books. The last novel I finished and highly recommend is Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. That’s if you enjoy poignant texts. The latest inspirational book I finished is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Highly recommend as well if you’re looking to expand or challenge your way of thinking.

9. I fulfilled a bucket list item in the spring of 2015–scuba dived in the Philippines and swam with whale sharks. It’s a really fascinating world under the sea. If you haven’t visited the sea world, I highly encourage you to! (Well, only if you’re a strong swimmer).

10. I love listening and learning. And this is something I truly live by everyday. We have two ears and a brain for a reason.

11. Life is to be continued…


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