My Thai Home

For those who aren’t following me on Facebook, you may be wondering about my living situation here. Although I’m mostly surrounded by farm lands, do not worry. I’m not living in a shack. Better yet, I live in a decent 3BR/1BA home in Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai Thailand. I live alone, but haven’t felt too lonely since I became good friends with the geckos, ants, and flies who all live with me here. 😛


2 thoughts on “My Thai Home

  1. WH says:

    hahaha, you are so funny. Tell your friends I said “Hi” hahaha.

    Anyway I live in Si Satchanalai as well, and yeahhh some of my friends are like yours hahaha. Nice meeting you.


  2. K. Hoang Bui says:

    Haha. We definitely live in houses wayyy too big for the purpose of our stay. But it’s nice to have some extra room for visitors.

    Keep on writing; it’s great to hear about our respective experiences! Haha.

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