♔ The Day Has Come; Arrived in Bangkok, Thailand!

Ever been on a 22-hour flight schedule before?? Probably not the best experience ever, but after weighing the cost and benefits, I think it’s definitely worth it. The thought of staying in Thailand for a fantastic year, and working with fantastic people—well, who wouldn’t be up for such a thing?! 🙂

We arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on September 26th @ 11pm (that would be @ 11am at home). P’Kee and her Fulbright representatives were there to greet us. The first step out of the airport, I can immediately smell the thick rich air. It’s like inhaling a mixture of sizzling food, burning gas, and pure rain all at once. Thailand, I am in love with you (all over again). When I first visited Thailand, my first impression of this country—OMG, it’s so beautiful; especially the people, culture, music, temples, and palaces. Oh, and we can’t forget the food! It’s soo delicious! Goodness, I can go on and on forever…

We’re staying at the international dorm at Chulalongkorn University. We received our first payment today, and got a mini campus tour. It’s different from what I’m used to seeing, but I like it; it’s unique. How often do you see a pond in the shape of Thailand? Probably not so much, huh? LOL. I did for the first time today, and it was a fascinating moment! 🙂 Seriously, there are little to no chances that I’ll find one of these in the states. 😛

So far, I’m really enjoying Thailand. I had my first meal today, authentic chicken padthai, and tried many freshly picked fruits from the fruit market. All of these for less than 5 bucks! I guess the only problem for me is that I’m so used to having a routine, I don’t know what to do on the weekends! There’s absolutely no schedule to follow, but our hearts! LOL! My roommate and I decided to put something together for the next day, so I’m glad we have a plan figured out. Hopefully the rest of the ETA crew is up for some city hiking. 😉

[More] sight-seeing of Bangkok, here we come! Stay tunes for photos! 😀



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