♔ Thai Visa is FINALLY HERE; Tips + Advice

After almost a month, my Thai visa finally arrived in the mail today. This was my first time applying for a travel visa and to be honest, the process can be very long, complicated, and tedious depending on the situation/season. Wished I would have known that:

1. Paying for a travel visa is different from paying for a passport. When you apply for your passport, they only accept personal checks as payment (no credit or debit card). However, for a travel visa, it’s DIFFERENT. This was new and odd to me. You have to send a money order check of $80 with all your necessary official documents.

Tip: The cheapest place I recommend getting a money order is at Wal-Mart. They charge $0.70 service fee while my personal bank (Wells Fargo) charges $10 for a cashier’s check.

2. When sending in all your paperwork and documents, be sure to also include a stamped “self-addressed” return envelope. In other words, you must have a stamped envelope (addressed back to you) + documents within the envelope you’re sending in to the Thai Consulate or Embassy.

Finally, my biggest advice for passionate travelers, patience is key. I cannot stress this enough. There will be unexpected occurrences along the way, but staying positive and having the will to accept unwanted outcomes is very important before and during travel. Doing your homework (research, plan, pack ahead) and being prepared will reduce the possibility of unwanted events. Of course, there will be times when things will not go as wanted, but remain flexible. When this happens to me, it opens a door for creativity! 😀

Below is the snapshot of how my Thai visa looks like:

Visa Photo

It’s all coming together, alright. I wrote my shopping list a week ago, and just started my shopping yesterday! Planning for a one year trip is not easy, but it’s definitely worth the struggle. 😉



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