♔ Skype, Greetings, and Tour

This past Saturday (August 16), I had the pleasure to speak and get to know my Fulbright English host teacher, Natty, from Thailand. She teaches at Muang Chalieng School in Sukhothai province, which is where I am placed and will be teaching this coming fall. She called me via Facebook for iPhone, which was a tool I never used before. Thank God for  the latest technology and internet, right? 🙂

Natty and I talked for about a good hour. We shared stories about ourselves and current events. We laughed a lot, and most of the time for unknown reasons 😛 . We were very happy to finally hear each other. Her English was so good, she surprised me by the first second she said “Hello, are you Kia?” Lol. 😀

It was getting close to midnight in MN, but we wanted to get to know each other more, including the staffs and the school, so we scheduled another meeting the next day! Lol! However this time, we Skyped and saw each other face to face. Natty introduced me to the teachers and gave me a tour of the school! My first reaction: Oh my god, it’s HUGE! Lol. The students were too shy to say anything to me, however. But hopefully I get to break the ice a bit more when I get there. 😛

During this pre-departure process, Natty has been very warm, welcoming, and reassuring about the transition into their Thai community. T-35 more days to go! I still have a lot to prep for, but the more I talk to Natty, the more  excited I become. 😀



2 thoughts on “♔ Skype, Greetings, and Tour

  1. P' Noi or P' Walee says:

    Hi, I’m P’noi! Welcome to Thailand. So glad you’re coming to work with me at MCL High. Your blog is interesting! Enjoy reading it and it’s a another way to practice English reading! I have a funny thing to tell you. That’s ‘Natty is still writing your name–Kai. Ha ha
    See you soon
    P’Noi 💐🌹😜

    • kiachiyokovang says:

      Hello P’Noi!
      Thank you so much! I am so happy to be here in Thailand! This week, I finally got the chance to meet P’Natty in person! She is a wonderful and lovely Pi! 😀 Can’t wait to meet you and the MCL family na ka!

      ❤ KCV

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